Our Story

Our Story

Muslim Americans are nailing the creative scene right now. TV, film, books, podcasts, music, theater, you name it — we’re achieving more representation than seemed possible even 10 years ago. But let’s face it: it’s impossible to keep up with all of the content no matter how many influencers you follow. Here at Fann, a project from Rifelion Media, we want to make sure you never miss out.

Fann (from the Arabic word فان for art) is your hub for discovering Muslim creativity. We focus on projects conceptualized and created by Muslim Americans, often (but not necessarily) featuring Muslim stories and characters. Explore our site in two ways: discover new content through features, articles, and our calendar, or search for specific projects using our database. Each project entry is tagged based on the Muslim creative involvement and the content type so it’s find what you’re looking for — or to surprise yourself with something unexpected.

Fann is a project of Rifelion Media.

We also want to amplify your creativity. Have a project that you’d like to see added to our site? Email us: info [at] createfann.com

Come Write for Fann!
Have an idea for a review or article about Muslim creativity? We’d love to hear it! Fann is currently soliciting Fann Take opinion/review pieces between 400 and 600 words long. Fill out the form below to propose your idea. If it’s accepted by our editorial team, we

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