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Fann is currently soliciting Fann Take opinion/review pieces between 400 and 600 words long. Fill out the form below to propose your idea. If it’s accepted by our editorial team, we will contact you about a writing timeline. Writers will be paid $50 per article posted to our site.

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Need inspiration? Here are some example pieces from our site:

“Once Upon an Eid” Weaves a Rich Tapestry of Eid Celebrations
Each of the stories center on joy, whether it comes from new Eid presents or learning to be generous to make someone else’s day. They paint vivid portraits of their central characters and their families.
Muslim Actors at the Emmys: Where is Our Recognition?
While Muslims are significantly underrepresented in the entertainment industry, some have managed to receive recognition at the highest levels, including at the Emmys. Though these achievements are long overdue, they still deserve to be celebrated. It took until 2016 for a Muslim to be recogni…
“Polite Society” is a Riotous Tribute to Sisterhood
The film’s highlight is the tumultuous but always-loving relationship between sisters Ria and Lena.

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