“Wellness Redefined” and the Importance of Body Diversity in Fitness

In this episode, host Tammeca Rochester is joined by Morit Summers, a personal trainer known for her inclusive approach.

“Wellness Redefined” and the Importance of Body Diversity in Fitness
The show is hosted by Tammeca Rochester, a wellness expert and the owner and founder of Harlem Cycle.

Rifelion Media recent launched a new podcast that thinks about fitness in a whole new way. From health tips to exercise routines to nutritional advice and more, “Wellness Redefined” with Tammeca Rochester offers tips that can benefit everyone.

Rochester, the CEO and founder of Harlem Cycle, is on a mission to help her listeners get fit and stay fit in the most holistic ways possible. In her new podcast, she will explore fitness, nutrition and mental and emotional health, all while debunking all the myths and stereotypes of what it means to be fit. By interviewing celebrities and wellness experts, Rochester will introduce home exercises and activities that can help her listeners better understand how to redefine and reset their health.

In this episode, Morit Summers, a personal trainer known for her inclusive approach, shares her journey and thoughts on the pressure in the fitness industry to conform to certain body types and the need for body positivity. She encourages people to embrace fitness at all stages and break free from societal expectations. Morit also explores how plus-size individuals can approach fitness with confidence and the importance of diverse movements in fitness routines. Her book "Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus Size Woman" serves as a beginner’s guide to fitness.

New episodes of “Wellness Redefined” air on Mondays every other week, inviting listeners to join Rochester on a shared journey to better health. Listen to the episode “Morit Summers: Breaking Industry Standards with Inclusive Fitness” below or wherever you get your podcasts.

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