Top 5 Shohreh Aghdashloo Roles

Top 5 Shohreh Aghdashloo Roles

Iranian born actress Shoreh Agadashloo has established herself in Hollywood as one of the most well-known Muslim American actresses. Over the course of her career, she has starred in numerous film and TV productions both in Iran and the United States. These are five of her best starring roles.

5. “A Simple Wedding” (2018)

In “A Simple Wedding,” Agadashloo plays the mother of Nousha, a 30-something attorney who is being pressured by her family to find a husband. Though Nousha’s parents try to set her up with various men, the main love interest of the film is the last person her parents would expect. The result is a ‘guess who’s coming to dinner’-style rom-com that excels at creating comedy out of the tension between Nousha and her mother.

4. “The Stoning of Soraya M.” (2008)

Aghdashloo is not only an actress with great comedic ability, as demonstrated through her performance in the harrowing “Stoning of Soraya M.” Aghdashloo stars as Zahra, who recounts the story of the Soraya to a journalist. Her role serves as a frame for the story, and her acting effectively sets the tone for the rest of the film.

3. “The Chess Game of the Wind” (1976)

Though originally released in 1976, “The Chess Game of the Wind” was lost after the Iranian Revolution. In 2020, however, it was rediscovered and has found a second life. It was Aghdashloo’s film debut, where she stars as the maid of an aristocratic family whose patriarch has just died. The film shows a different side of Aghdashaloo, as it was filmed much earlier than many of the films that have garnered attention in the U.S.

2. “House of Sand and Fog” (2003)

“House of Sand and Fog” is a psychological drama about the conflict between a recently divorced woman and the Iranian-American couple who she is fighting for control of a house in California. Though simple in premise, the film takes a number of dark turns that heighten the stakes and intensity of the film. Aghdashloo stars as Nadareh, the Iranian-American wife. It is perhaps her most well known role, as it resulted in her only Oscar nomination.

1. “The Expanse” (2015-)

At the top of the list is Aghdashloo’s largest TV role. “The Expanse” is set in the 24th century and has all the thrills of a popular sci-fi without hindering its ability to explore more nuanced themes. Aghdashloo has starred in all six seasons of The Expanse as Chrisjen Avasarala, the Secretary General of the United Nations. Chrisjen is one of the most significant characters throughout the show, and is always at the center of the many plots driven by political intrigue.

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