SZA Teases Exciting Paramore Collaboration for Upcoming Project

After years of rumors swirling about a collaboration between the two artists, SZA has announced in a new interview with Apple Music that the two will be working together soon.

SZA Teases Exciting Paramore Collaboration for Upcoming Project
Paramore's lead vocalist, Hayley Williams (left), has been open about her respect for SZA (right) for years.

Recently, fans of both SZA and the rock band Paramore were thrilled to hear that a collaboration between the two acts is officially "in the works."

Rumors have swirled about a collaboration between the two for some time. Last year, Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams said on an episode of the podcast “Black People Love Paramore” that she's wanted to work with SZA "for a long time." Williams continued by saying. "I love her voice … SZA for about six years now has been the one. I'm sending the texts weekly at this point."

Later, when a fan wrote on X (previously Twitter), "Hayley Williams x SZA collab when???" SZA succinctly replied, "I talk to her more than you’d think lol."

Now, SZA has announced in a new interview with Apple Music that a Paramore collaboration is coming soon.

During a TikTok fan Q&A session with Apple Music, SZA was asked about the possibility of teaming up with the rock band Paramore, SZA responded with a definitive "Yeah. Soon, soon. It's in the works."

The connection between SZA and Paramore runs deeper than just a mutual appreciation for each other's music. Moments after the collaboration question, SZA revealed in the Q&A that the infectiously pop-punky track "F2F" has been her favorite song to perform on her sold out “SOS” Tour. SZA has been open about asking for Williams’ advice about the track as she branched out to genres beyond R&B for her award-winning sophomore album. 

"[‘SOS’ was] literally me checking off goals. Just me wanting to be like, 'Oh, I can do this. I don't suck. I it possible to achieve this specific goal?'" SZA told People in a December 2022 interview. "And for each of those genres I would text people like Hayley Williams and be like, 'Does it sound like I'm trying to do something that I shouldn't be doing, or does it sound organic? Because it felt really natural to me, but you're the queen of this, how does it sound to you?'" continued SZA. "And [Williams would] be like, 'This is perfect.'"

Paramore has reciprocated the admiration shown by SZA, demonstrating their support through various means over the years. From performing mash-ups of their songs with SZA's tracks during live concerts to sharing clips of themselves singing along to her music on social media, Paramore has consistently championed SZA's talent and creativity.

Fans eagerly await the outcome of this collaboration, speculating whether it might find its way onto SZA's upcoming “Lana" project. This highly anticipated release is rumored to serve as the deluxe edition of her Grammy-winning album, “SOS.” If Paramore does indeed feature on this project, it's sure to add an exciting dynamic to an already stellar lineup.

Watch SZA’s Q&A with Apple Music below.

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