Sky History Acquires Rights to Sam Naz's "Liberté"

Sky History Acquires Rights to Sam Naz's "Liberté"

U.K. television broadcaster Sky History has acquired rights to “Liberté,” a short film about Noor Inayat Khan, a female Muslim spy who served the British during World War II before being killed by the Gestapo. The film, which was written and co-produced by Sky News anchor and journalist Sam Naz, draws from archival sources such as the Imperial War Museum in London. Memorably, the film also features the symphony “La Monotonia,” composed by Noor’s brother, Hidayat Inayat Khan, in honor of his sister’s final days in Nazi captivity. 

The plot retraces Khan’s life, including a stint at the historic Nazi headquarters in Paris, 84 Avenue Foch, where Khan was first held and from twice she escaped. The film’s title is believed to be taken from Khan’s last words, as described by her German captors. 

The story of Noor Inayat Khan has inspired some previous features, including another short film by the same name in 2015, directed by Sati Sohal. Khan was also portrayed by Radhika Apte in the 2019 feature “A Call to Spy.” 

Naz has recently started her own production company, Laconic Raven, which is developing a mini-series about the Special Operations organization that Khan was a part of, called “S.O.E.”

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