Out Now: Seema Yasmin’s New Book “What the Fact?” is a Guide to Media Literacy

Out Now: Seema Yasmin’s New Book “What the Fact?” is a Guide to Media Literacy

Dr. Seema Yasmin, an award-winning journalist, doctor and UCLA professor, has a new book out titled “What the Fact?” This guide to media literacy provides helpful tips and tricks on how to differentiate between facts and fiction online, and how to know that the information you see on your screen is coming from a reliable source.

Conspiracy theories and viral posts with little to no useful information are becoming more and more frequent in the social media landscape, making it increasingly important to gain the skills to decipher it all. Yasmin’s book provides a timely and accessible guide to everything from unpacking conspiracy theories to finding the right sources for information confirmation.

In an interview with Publisher’s Weekly, Yasmin spoke of how she came to this point in her career, and why she thinks media literacy is a critical skill, especially for the younger audience of her book.

“The advice [young people are] getting is often, ‘Don’t believe what you read,’ ‘Don’t trust the press,’ ‘Be skeptical of everything.’ But by telling them that, we’re putting them in a position of helplessness and hopelessness. We’re not empowering them with information and knowledge that can make them savvy consumers,” she said.

Check out Dr. Yasmin’s webinar with the Pulitzer Center on responsible reporting during the pandemic below:

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