Salman Hussain is Brookline, Mass.’s First Emerging Artist

Salman Hussain is Brookline, Mass.’s First Emerging Artist

Poet, rapper and Harvard Business School student Salman Hussain is the Inaugural Chris A. Santos Emerging Artist of Brookline, Mass. The program aims to support artists who are “not yet widely recognized.” Hussain’s debut book of poetry will be released this year. 

In a press release for the Brookline Commission for the Arts, Hussain said that he hopes to use this opportunity to “build community after an isolating pandemic through an appreciation for the arts that showcase the rich fabric of our experiences; galvanize interest in various art forms through interactive events; and cultivate opportunities for Brookline residents to be involved in art and cultural activities.”

Salman Hussain will also speak at the Brookline Booksmith on Friday, January 27 2023. 

Source: Brookline Booksmith

Brookline Booksmith

January 27, 2023

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