Rifelion Partners with Immigrantly to Spotlight Love

Rifelion Partners with Immigrantly to Spotlight Love

Rifelion Media announced today a partnership with the Immigrantly podcast. Rifelion will have to produce the 13th season of Immigrantly, a season focused on stories of love.

Immigrantly is an award-winning podcast that deconstructs stereotypical narratives of immigrants, their second-generation kids, people of color, and change-makers with cross-cultural, nuanced conversations. Hosted by Saadia Khan, Immigrantly is a “radical, refreshingly (and sometimes brutally) honest platform that brings on guests who are willing to open up about their ideas and experiences, unafraid to be implicated, and who in turn challenge us listeners to re-evaluate our own assumptions.“

As part of the partnership, Rifelion’s Shahjehan Khan will co-host and co-produce season 13 of the Immigrantly podcast. This season Saadia and Shahjehan will unpack love’s role in the lives of immigrants, from dating to sex to queerness to loving oneself.

From a press release, producers of the show said “Immigrantly is taking a bold leap this season, out of conventional portrayals of love and into far less linear notions to witness the totality of what love is for different people. This season is not about immigrant love stories (as feel-good as they can be). Nor is it about love for country or home (as important a sentiment as that is). Instead, Immigrantly wants to understand the nitty-gritty facets of love, the ones with which we’re unfamiliar, we avoid or society deems taboo.”

Listen now to Immigrantly wherever you get your podcasts!

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