Podcasts By Rifelion

Podcasts By Rifelion

American Muslim Project

American Muslim Project is a weekly podcast featuring Muslims shaping America. For nearly 500 years, Muslims have had a presence in North America and have made lasting contributions to American life, culture, and history. In each episode, our podcast elevates unique Muslim voices and explores how they are currently influencing the American experience. American Muslim Project is produced by Rifelion Media.

King of the World

A Pakistani American Muslim teenager comes of age post-9/11 and, twenty years later, tries to figure out what the hell happened to him and to us.

Hosted by Shahjehan Khan, King of the World is his journey through addiction, identity, creativity, and what it means to belong as a Muslim in America in the 20 years after 9/11.

Inclusive Collective

The Inclusive Collective podcast is a conversation with and for those who seek to understand the complexities around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the business world. We’ll celebrate the essence of an industry and share the perspectives of those who advocate for change. Our invited guests, consisting of leaders, teams and experts in various industries, will share their perspectives of how they strive to implement inclusive workplaces within the business world, cultures, and everyday interpersonal interactions. Hosted by Nadia Butt and Rob Hadley. Produced by Rifelion Media.

Storii Time

Real estate has so many layers to it and there are so many components and pieces to consider. Whether you’re an agent, a buyer, a seller, an investor, a lender, or just have interest in the real estate world in general, join us for Storii Time as we dig into the ins and outs of real estate life. Hosted by Saad Munir

FannBoy Friday

A weekly podcast of bite-sized interviews, hosted by actor, musician, and producer Shahjehan Khan in partnership with the Fann database for Muslim creative projects.

Fann, which is Arabic for art, is a brand new website where you can basically get a quick overview of all the cool stuff American Muslim creators are up to these days.

Each episode of the podcast brings a conversation with an amazing American Muslim creative.

Invisible Hate

All across America, thousands of hate crimes are committed every year, but only a small number of them get reported. An even smaller fraction are ever prosecuted. We’re here to figure out why.
Invisible Hate is a podcast that sheds light on the worst true crimes that are motivated by things like race, religion, or sexual orientation and are usually perpetrated against minorities. In each episode, we examine one crime in depth and then discuss whether or not it should be classified as a hate crime.

Trust us, Invisible Hate is a podcast you’ll hate to love.

Hosted by Saadia Khan and Asad Butt.

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