Partition Podcast Examines Creation of Pakistan and India 75 Years Later

Partition Podcast Examines Creation of Pakistan and India 75 Years Later

A new limited-series podcast from iHeartRadio called Partition is now out and takes a look at historical 1947 event that led to India being split apart and the formation of Pakistan.

The podcast is produced and hosted by Neha Aziz who, according the podcast description, “was born in Karachi, Pakistan in 1990, and always knew that Pakistan used to be a part of India. However, it wasn’t until my first trip back to my home country in 2017 that I found out the devastating truth at an exhibit at the mall.”

Cover Art of the podcast “Partition” via Apple Podcasts

She says in the description that “learning about partition inspired me to dig into the subject more, especially because I have no recollection of learning about it in school, and neither my parents or relatives ever spoke to me about it. It all started when Britain decided they could no longer afford to control India. They granted them independence and announced that a new country, Pakistan would also be formed. They severed the country in such a way that friends and neighbors became enemies and murderers.”

The podcast series, whose first episode was released on the 75th anniversary of Partition on August 15, is a mix of historical facts, personal anecdotes and commentary from Aziz.

Check it out here or wherever you get your podcasts.

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