Palestinian American Student’s Play Featured in Young Playwrights Showcase

Palestinian American Student’s Play Featured in Young Playwrights Showcase

University of Wisconsin-Madison freshman Noor Hamed’s play “Always Perfect,” drawing on her personal experience of growing up in a Palestinian American family, was one of six selected to feature in Milwaukee Chamber Theatre’s Young Playwrights Festival this year. Out of more than 120 entries, “Always Perfect” received an honorable mention.

Hamed wrote “Always Perfect” for a class assignment during her junior year of high school, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when she and many of her first-generation American friends were struggling with their mental health — and struggling to explain these difficulties to their parents, who often had trouble reconciling the trauma of the pandemic with their own experiences of violence as refugees. Exploring his dichotomy of generational views on mental health is core to “Always Perfect.”

The story focuses on a Syrian family, but Hamed wrote the play with a universal appeal in mind, specifically regarding intergenerational conversations about mental health. 

Hamed also spoke to the Wisconsin Muslim Journal about the importance of creating works of art that are for Muslim and Arab communities:

“Milwaukee has big Muslim and Arab populations, but how many go watch plays?” Hamed said. “My parents have never done that. I don’t think many of my friends’ parents are doing that.”

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