Out Now: Watch Chef Saba Wahid Duffy Tackle Italian Cuisine on “Ciao House”

Out Now: Watch Chef Saba Wahid Duffy Tackle Italian Cuisine on “Ciao House”

Chef, television presenter and 2020 “Chopped” Grand Champion Saba Wahid Duffy is tackling Italian cuisine on the first season of Food Network’s primetime competition show, “Ciao House.” The series, which premiered on April 16 and will air eight episodes, has been described as “Food Network’s equivalent of ‘Big Brother’”: 

“In Tuscany, the epicenter of Italian culture and cuisine, hosts and judges Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabe Bertaccini welcome 10 talented chefs to live and cook together in a breathtaking villa, where they will be tested like never before on their mastery of Italian cuisine. The competitors will have to navigate alliances and rivalries, proving they have what it takes to be the last chef standing and win a life-changing prize — an immersive culinary education with renowned master chefs across Italy” (Food Network). 

Duffy describes her background and culinary style as “rooted in her Pakistani ethnic origin balanced with her American born and raised attitude.” Writing about her filming the show, Duffy noted that “participating in a nationally televised cooking competition is a dream come true for the most part but with that also comes the negative side and that includes exposing yourself. … This is no secret in the world of production and it is what we sign up for when filming a reality type show.”

However, she said that filming the show was a positive experience overall: “I met such a wonderful group of culinary professionals, who I’ll be connected to for life. I’m also really excited for my daughter to watch me on TV. She was really young when I competed on #Chopped, so she didn’t really make the connection.” 

“Ciao House” airs on Food Network on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST and is available to stream on Discovery Plus

Watch the premier:

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