Out Now: “The Story So Far” Podcast Elevates Canadian Muslim Artistic Voices

Out Now: “The Story So Far” Podcast Elevates Canadian Muslim Artistic Voices

Each episode of “The Story So Far” podcast features a new Muslim Canadian artist. The podcast is hosted by Toronto-based writer and filmmaker Tendisai Cromwell and produced by the Silk Road Institute, which promotes cross-cultural dialogue and strengthens Muslim representation in its programming. Guests include author Omar El Akkad, singer Timaj Garad and poet Afua Cooper.

Says Cromwell of interviewing guests: “The conversations I’ve had with Canadian Muslim artists have been enriching, stimulating, and in some cases, deeply transformative to audiences members but also myself. There are guests, in the case of dub-poet and scholar Dr. Afua Cooper, where it felt grand, as if I were in conversation with history but also the future. There are other guests that have described, with heartbreaking beauty, the desire to feel a sense of belonging. I feel as if we’re contributing to more nuanced and uplifting portrayals of Muslims in this country and hopefully inspiring others to tell their own stories.”

Seven episodes are currently available to stream wherever you get your podcasts.

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