Out Now: Season 3 of Canadian Medical Drama “Transplant”

Out Now: Season 3 of Canadian Medical Drama “Transplant”

Season 3 of Canadian series “Transplant” starring Hamza Haq as Dr. Bashir Hamed is out now. This drama follows a Syrian refugee doctor who has fled to Canada and is trying to rebuild his career as an ER resident in a Toronto hospital. One review said Haq’s character “lifts this show beyond the usual miracle-of-the-week medical rut and into a dialogue on the changing face of Canadian society. This is a series as much about refugees and immigration as it is about universal health care and waiting rooms.”

Haq was designated as Canadian television’s breakout star of 2020 by Playback media journal and won the 2021 Canadian Screen Award for Best Lead Actor, Drama Series for his role in “Transplant.” 

Season 3 deals with Hamed’s romantic relationship, a public health crisis and his quest for citizenship. It’s now available on CTV and likely airing on NBC in winter 2023.

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