Out Now: “Ramy” Season 3

Out Now: “Ramy” Season 3

Season 3 of “Ramy” released on Hulu on Sept. 30. This season brings ten more episodes of trials and tribulations for the titular character Ramy (played by Ramy Youssef), and his Egyptian-American family. The show continues its focus on Ramy’s relationship with his faith and how it impacts his interactions with his family, friends and community.

Season 3 brings back Amr Waked as Farouk (Ramy’s father), Hiam Abbass as Ramy’s mother Maysa, May Calamawy as Ramy’s sister Dena and Laith Nakli as Ramy’s uncle Naseem, along with others including Mo Amer and Steve Way. This season also features model Bella Hadid in her first recurring acting role.

Season 3 of Ramy is now streaming on Hulu.

Watch the trailer for “Ramy” Season 3.

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