Out Now: New Season of “Mindful Muslimah Speaks”

Out Now: New Season of “Mindful Muslimah Speaks”

“Mindful Muslimah Speaks,” a podcast that empowers Muslim women to be the best version of themselves, kicked off its fifth year on Dec. 26. Hosted by the anonymous Mindful Muslimah, listeners receive inspiration and insight on love, mental health, motherhood, finances and life in general, all through the lens of the modern Muslim woman.

As one reviewer stated, “Mashallah, I always come away from this podcast with uplifting and actionable advice! And more importantly, advice and guidance based on the Quran and Sunnah. She’s like the big sister I never had.”

In addition to weekly episodes, Mindful Muslimah offers classes, resources and a global community to join.

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