"Inclusive Collective" Podcast Season 2: An Interview with Nadia Butt

"Inclusive Collective" Podcast Season 2: An Interview with Nadia Butt

Diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI). Over the past few years, these three words have become big topics of conversation in the business world. Across the country—and the world—business leaders are looking to level up their understanding of DEI by exploringDEI challenges in the workforce.

The “Inclusive Collective” podcast is made for those types of leaders. The weekly podcast shares top news stories from the DEI world and interviews notable DEI champions from across industries. Season 2 launched Sept. 19.

Below is an interview we conducted with Nadia Butt, one of the podcast’s co-hosts.

We go deeper in organizational DEI efforts than the other podcasts out and we are bridging the theory to practice.

Nadia Butt

Fann Staff: Tell me why you wanted to do this podcast.  

Nadia Butt: We really wanted to create a space for those in organizations looking to learn more about what is happening in the DEI and innovation space—That’s anyone who is a talent development or HR professional, in HR, a DEI champion or practitioner, an investor or simply anyone who advocates for inclusivity in their workplace. We go deeper in organizational DEI efforts than the other podcasts out and we are bridging the theory to practice. We have insightful guests who have been working in DEI for years and they offer really cool insights from an innovation lens. Our goal is to showcase leaders, organizations and innovation all from a DEI perspective and we discuss how their work is making a greater impact for a more inclusive workplace and society

Nadia Butt, co-host of the “Inclusive Collective” podcast.

Fann Staff: What’s new for Season 2? 

Nadia Butt: This season we are bringing headline news related to DEI. Our goal is to keep you informed, but also give you our opinions as DEI practitioners. Like last season, we’ll have an inspiring guest each episode that shares what innovative things they are working on in the DEI space. And, as always, we’ll wrap up each episode with our ConverFlections—our personal takeaways from each episode.

Fann Staff: Why is this podcast important? What will people get out of it? 

Nadia Butt: We are finding it more and more evident that there is no central hub or space for DEI innovators to come together and share their products, ideas and collaborate. We want to be that connector so that you can make a more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace where you work.

Fann Staff: What has been your favorite moment so far? 

Nadia Butt: I absolutely loved chatting with Rachel Sheppard in Season 1 (episode 13). I appreciated her breakdown of the three biases that exist in the fundraising phase of startups: bias in action, bias in opinion and bias in a system. She reminded me that there’s bias in all different forms, but the hardest to fix are the systemic. It was evident that she is passionate about dismantling bias in the startup space, and I love love love that type of energy.  

Fann Staff: Any podcast recommendations?

Nadia Butt: I tend to listen to a lot of news ones, like “Up First” and “The Daily.” But I also listen to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” “Pod Save America,” “How to Be a Better Human” and “Smartless.”