Out Now: Ibtihaj Muhammad and S.K. Ali’s "The Kindest Red"

Out Now: Ibtihaj Muhammad and S.K. Ali’s "The Kindest Red"

The team behind the New York Times bestseller “The Proudest Blue” (2019) is back with a new picture book sequel: “The Kindest Red: A Story of Hijab and Friendship” written by Ibtihaj Muhammad and S.K. Ali, and illustrated by Hatem Aly. 

Published by Little, Brown Books, “The Kindest Red” follows Faizah on her school’s picture day as she initiates and encounters acts of kindness alongside her classmates and older sister. Kirkus Reviews called it “a loving and lovely celebration of the many ties—sisterly, friendship, communal—that bind.”  

Ibtihaj Muhammad is an Olympic fencer, author, and advocate for Muslim women’s rights, particularly the right to wear hijab. S.K. Ali is the author of the award-winning “Saints and Misfits” (2017) YA series, along with many other books for readers of all ages. Hatem Aly is the New York Times bestselling illustrator of “In My Mosque” (2021) and “The Inquisitor’s Tale” (2016).

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