Out Now: “​​Blackwater Falls: A Thriller”

Out Now: “​​Blackwater Falls: A Thriller”

Dr. Ausma Zehanat Khan, an American Canadian author with a Ph.D. in international human rights law, recently debuted a new crime series. “Blackwater Falls” features Muslim detective Inaya Rahman as she investigates a murder mystery in small-town Colorado. While fictional, the story deals with the very real problems of police bias, cultural tension and a systemic disregard for missing girls from underrepresented populations. Says one review, “A practiced mystery writer, as well as the former editor-in-chief of Muslim Girl magazine, [Khan] delivers a top-notch page turner that navigates the complex identities, conflicting allegiances, and shifting traditions of our modern world.

Find out more about Khan and her many other publications on her website: www.ausmazehanatkhan.com/

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