Out Now: "Auntie," A Six-Minute Short by Fawzia Mirza

Out Now: "Auntie," A Six-Minute Short by Fawzia Mirza

Fawzia Mirza’s new short film, “Auntie” made its streaming premiere on the New Yorker’s YouTube channel on April 28. In the film, the older Millennial Hana (played by Vanita Kalra) is confronted with adulthood when she befriends some 20-somethings at a South Asian Lawyers mixer in Southern California. 

The film is a product of a director incubator created to empower female directors run by Powderkeg, a digital content company owned by movie producers Paul Feig and Laura Fischer. The films in the incubator were all made in association with Google Assistant. “Auntie” had its world premiere at the Aspen Shortsfest, where it won a Special Mention in the “Best Short Short” category

In “Auntie,” Mirza explores generational gaps between Millennial and Gen Z women in how they communicate and how much they share. Kalra’s zany expressions and quick cuts lend an off-beat tone to an otherwise boring adult setting. The film takes a turn around the halfway mark that should not be spoiled. 

Mirza is Canadian-born, and known for her works such as the web series “Kam Kardashian,” “Brown Girl Problems” and the film “Signature Move” (2017). She has been a long time advocate of greater Muslim and LGBTQ representation in the arts.

Watch “Auntie” on YouTube: