Out Now: A True Crime Podcast You’ll Hate to Love, “Invisible Hate”

Out Now: A True Crime Podcast You’ll Hate to Love, “Invisible Hate”

“Invisible Hate” is a new true crime podcast with a purpose. That is, it “sheds light on the worst true crimes that are motivated by things like race, religion, or sexual orientation and are usually perpetrated against minorities. In each episode, [the hosts] examine one crime in depth and then discuss whether or not it should be classified as a hate crime.”

Launched in January 2023, this podcast is a collaboration between Rifelion Media and Immigrantly and is run by veteran podcast hosts Saadia Khan and Asad Butt. Each week, they’ll share the details of a crime committed in North America along with a debate about how to classify it, little-known hate crime facts, a discussion about why these crimes are underreported (and why it matters) and personal anecdotes. 

Find it now on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

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