NPR Features “Me & My Muslim Friends” Podcast As “New and Noteworthy”

NPR Features “Me & My Muslim Friends” Podcast As “New and Noteworthy”

The NPR One Team featured the “Me & My Muslim Friends” podcast on its April recommendations list of “new and noteworthy public media podcasts.” Hosted by journalist Yasmin Bendaas, this conversational series “invites you to listen in as she and her friends discuss the diverse spectrum of Muslim identity, sharing thought-provoking stories, underrepresented perspectives and laughter too” (NPR).

The podcast just released its third season, covering topics related to faith and spirituality. Season 2 focused on social justice, with episodes on Black Muslims and racism, Palestine and Muslim women in politics. 

Bendaas says of the show, “This podcast shares the nuanced experiences of my Muslim friends from the inside out. Ultimately, these are conversations on identity: who we are, in all of our diversity, while growing up against a media backdrop of everything we are not. Our goal is to give you thoughtful stories you can relate to, or maybe even something new to think about. And if you’re not Muslim, we made this podcast for you too. Whether or not you have a Muslim friend, you’ll find one here.”

You can listen to “Me &  My Muslim Friends” wherever you get your podcasts. 

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