Nida Mansoor’s “Polite Society” Debuts with Positive Reviews

Nida Mansoor’s “Polite Society” Debuts with Positive Reviews

Director Nida Mansoor’s debut feature film “Polite Society,” an “exuberant genre mash-up” about high school martial arts enthusiast Ria who tries to prevent her sister’s upcoming marriage, had its theatrical release in April. Reviews from critics and fans have been mainly positive. 

In a Critic’s Pick review, The New York Times’ Amy Nicholson describes Mansoor as “a promising … first-time filmmaker impatient to evolve cultural representation from the last few years of self-conscious vitamins into crowd-pleasing candy.” They appreciated the way the film, with all of its “giddy abandon,” “moves without the weight of having to justify its own existence.”

Monica Castillo reviewed the film for, writing “it’s an action comedy in the style of Edgar Wright mixed with the cross-cultural commentary of ‘Bend it like Beckham,’ the sibling dynamic of ‘Little Women,’ and the defiance of a Jane Austen heroine carving a path for herself.” She gave the film three and a half stars out of four.    

YouTube reviewer Movies & Munchies praised Priya Kansara’s portrayal of Ria, saying she “transform[s] this story from a rote comedy into one that’s elevated in humor, stuntwork, and choreography.”

On the Los Angeles NPR-affiliate station KPCC, Claudia Puig called the movie “a fusion of British wit, Kung Fu action movies, and Bollywood … and a very sweet celebration of sisterhood.”

Many users on social media also expressed their excitement about the film:

As of this article’s publication, “Polite Society” is still playing in select theaters and is available to purchase on Apple TV+, Google Play and Redbox.

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