Mehdi Hasan Announces Departure From MSNBC

“With this show going away, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to look for a new challenge,” Hasan said on Sunday. “Tonight is not just my final episode of ‘The Mehdi Hasan Show.’ It’s my last day with MSNBC."

Mehdi Hasan Announces Departure From MSNBC
During the last episode of his show on Sunday, Mehdi Hasan called his time at MSNBC “a privilege.” 

Mehdi Hasan has decided to leave MSNBC after the cancellation of his Sunday show, "The Mehdi Hasan Show" (2020–2023). He announced his departure during the show’s final episode, expressing pride in the show’s achievements but also that he was looking forward to new opportunities.

“With this show going away, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to look for a new challenge,” Hasan said on Sunday. “Tonight is not just my final episode of ‘The Mehdi Hasan Show.’ It’s my last day with MSNBC. Yes, I’ve decided to leave. To be clear, I am so, so proud of what we’ve achieved on this show on this network, and I can’t thank you enough for tuning in and for your support, and for your feedback. But as they say — new year, new plans.”

The cancellation occurred in November as part of a weekend lineup shakeup, with Hasan initially set to stay as a political analyst and fill-in anchor. However, Sunday marked his last scheduled program, and he encouraged viewers to follow him on his social media platforms for updates on his next ventures.

MSNBC faced criticism for axing Hasan's show, with concerns raised by viewers and notable figures about the timing amid rising anti-Muslim sentiments, and more specifically, Hasan’s advocacy for Palestinian rights.

At the time of cancellation, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee launched a petition calling for MSNBC to reverse their decision and reinstate Hasan’s canceled show. “Media history is littered with voices that got in the door, resonated with the public and were shut out because they challenged just a little too much power,” the organization wrote in an email to its members. “It’s a huge programming mistake to kick voices like Mehdi Hasan off the air instead of asking: Why are they resonating with the public as they challenge power and question conventional wisdom?”

The cancellation also earned ire from members of Congress like Rep. Ro Khanna and Rep. Ilhan Omar. “Mehdi is one of the most brilliant and most prominent Muslim journalists in the U.S.,” Omar wrote on X (formerly Twitter) when Hasan’s show was canceled. “It is deeply troubling that MSNBC is cancelling his show amid a rampant rise of anti-Muslim bigotry and suppression of Muslim voices. Anyone who cares about free expression should be concerned.”

“It is bad optics for MSNBC to cancel [Hasan’s] show right at a time when he is vocal for human rights in Gaza with the war ongoing,” Khanna added on X.

Hasan, who is one of only a handful of Muslim anchors, has been outspokenly critical of the Israeli government’s military actions in Gaza. He has been openly supportive of the rights of Palestinians.

Despite Hasan’s lower ratings when compared to his peers, he was known for his viral success on social media, which often highlighted him going head-to-head against notable conservatives.

Former MSNBC host Cenk Uygur also wrote on X when “The Mehdi Hasan Show” was canceled. “It’s not just because [Hasan] treats Muslims as real human beings,” Uygur wrote. “It’s also because he actually challenges his guests. And that is the biggest heresy in mainstream media.”

Ayman Mohyeldin will take over Hasan's old timeslot starting next week.

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