Meet the Cast of Kareem Fahmy’s Latest Production, “American Fast”

Meet the Cast of Kareem Fahmy’s Latest Production, “American Fast”

In January 2023, New York-based theater director Kareem Fahmy premiered his show “American Fast” at the Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, Ore. The play centers around Khady, a young Muslim basketball player who is approaching national championships during the month of Ramadan. She fears that her athletic performance will be affected by fasting and must decide for herself: should she prioritize the game over her practice of Islam?

The play wrapped up its first showing in Portland and is set to resume showings at the Constellation Stage and Screen in Bloomington, IN next month. 

Let’s take a look at some of the acting talent behind the Portland production of “American Fast.” 

Jessica Damouni (Khady)

Damouni is an actress, writer and producer from Perth, Australia. She moved to New York as a teenager to study acting and was featured in a number of productions, including “Fringe of Humanity” (Access Theatre), “Asher’s Command” (Tada Theatre) and “Elephant” (Woodside Players of Queens). Damouni has since taken her acting talents to Los Angeles, with notable roles in a number of films including “Inspector Ike” (2020), “Choke” (2018) and “God Friended Me” (2018).

Anthony Michael Shepard (Gabe)

Shepard is an actor originally based in St. Louis. He is a former Playhouse Apprentice, Black Theatre United Rise Mentee, and Dobbins Conservatory graduate. Shepard is no stranger to Portland theater and has starred in a number of local productions, including “Fucking A” (Shaking The Tree), “Bella: An American Tall Tale” (Portland Playhouse) and “Titus Andronicus” (Portland Playhouse).

Victoria Alvarez-Chacon (Coach)

Alvarez-Chacon studied theater in college in Sacramento, Calif., and continued her studies through an acting apprenticeship in Louisville, Ky. She then moved to Chicago where she spent four years working at several theater companies. Alvarez-Chacon now lives in Portland and works with the Oregon Adventure Theatre, a non-profit theater company.  Some of her theater credits include roles in “A Piece of My Heart,” “Before Amelia” and “The Tempest.”

Dré Slaman (Suzan)

Slaman earned her MFA in Acting at Northern Illinois University and studied acting at the Moscow Art Theatre and the William Esper Acting Studio.  In 2010, Slaman moved to Portland where she continues to participate in local theater productions. She previously served as the President of the Portland Area Theatre Alliance and currently serves as the Board Chair of the Oregon Children’s Theatre. Slaman has also acted in television productions, including “Grimm,” “Medium,” and “Metal Lords” on Netflix. 

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