Lose Yourself in these 5 Adventure-Filled Book Series by Muslim American Authors

Lose Yourself in these 5 Adventure-Filled Book Series by Muslim American Authors

There are few things better than reading a good book—and one of them might be reading a good book series. For readers looking for a new world to be immersed in, here are four series by Muslim American authors to check out.

  1. The Sufi Mysteries series by Laury Silvers

Set in tenth century Baghdad, the first book of the series, “The Lover” (2019), begins when a servant girl comes to an ascetic named Zaytuna seeking justice for the death of a local boy. The ensuing story brings Zaytuna into contact with the many hidden worlds of the city as she explores what it takes to love and be loved.

  1. The Daevabad trilogy by S.A. Chakraborty

Beginning with “The City of Brass” (2018), the Daevebad trilogy is a fantasy/science-fiction series about a con woman named Nahri. It is set in an alternate history of the Ottoman Empire in the 1700s, and the main events of the story begin when Nahri summons a djinn warrior who she journeys with into a world of spirits and monsters. 

  1. Miraath al-Kabeer series by Q. ‘Abdullah Muhammad

The Miraath al-Kabeer series begins with “Musa and the Blade” (2018). Musa is an orphan boy, a social outcast who is the rightful heir to a legendary sword. His rivals, however, seek to get their hands on the blade, so Musa prepares himself for the impending struggle over the renowned weapon.

  1. Fire and Clay series by Kaaronica Evans-Ware

“Fire & Clay,” (2013) the first book in a forthcoming series from Kaaronica Evans-Ware, follows Zamar, a 400 year old djinn who has been banished for being Muslim. The story weaves present and past together as an ancient evil prepares to return and reveal secrets from Zamar’s past.

  1. An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir

This four-book, New York Times bestselling series (plus a bonus prequel) takes place in the repressive Martial Empire. Book 1, “An Ember in the Ashes” follows Laia, a rebel slave who falls in love with a soldier while serving as a spy at a military academy. While these books are intended for a YA audience, readers of all ages have fallen in love with Tahir’s fantasy world.

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