Kareem Fahmy Makes a Statement at the Artists Repertory Theater with the Premiere of His Production “American Fast”

Kareem Fahmy Makes a Statement at the Artists Repertory Theater with the Premiere of His Production “American Fast”

Artists Rep – American Fast Trailer from Artists Repertory Theatre on Vimeo.

A coming of age story centered around basketball and faith. 

Earlier this month Kareem Fahmy, a Canadian-born New York based theater director, unveiled his first production of the year, “American Fast.” The play was produced at the Artists Repertory Theatre in Portland, Ore. as part of a National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere. Prior to hitting the stage, Fahmy was announced as winner of the 2022 Woodward/Newman Award for his work on the production. 

“American Fast” follows a young Muslim basketball player named Khady Salam, played by actress Jessica Damouni. National championships are nearing, and as the star player on her college’s team, Khady is pushing herself to the limit to perform. All the while, Ramadan is steadily approaching and, much to Khady’s dismay, nationals happen to fall within the month of fast. Khady faces pressure from family to continue observing the fast during her games, which she fears could impact her athletic performance. She has to decide for herself: should she prioritize the game over her practice of Islam? These questions cause her to come to grips with where her values lie and what type of person she wants to become. 

Since its premiere, “American Fast” has received high praise from a number of theater directors and playwrights, including Clare Drobot, Co-Artistic Director at City Theatre in Pittsburgh American Fast is a deeply impactful play,” she said. “Kareem has created a fantastic mix of college sports, a coming of age story, and intergenerational relationships that propel the script forward at an exhilarating pace.” 

Award-winning actor, writer and director Chima Chikazunga noted the play’s powerful message: “Not only does ‘American Fast’ follow a strong female protagonist but it also asks you to believe in yourself. Fahmy’s beautiful play deals with faith and perseverance and places a young woman on the biggest stage of her young life, and I cannot recommend this play enough.”

This season marks an exciting point in Fahmy’s career, with eight of his productions set to premiere nationwide. 

To learn more about Fahmy’s upcoming projects click here.

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