Image Comics Publishes Saladin Ahmed’s “Terrorwar” Series

Image Comics Publishes Saladin Ahmed’s “Terrorwar” Series

Terrorwar,” an ongoing sci-fi horror series initially released through artist Saladin Ahmed’s Copper Bottle Substack newsletter, has just gotten a physical release courtesy of Image Comics

The Hugo-Award winning Ahmed will be teaming up with artist Dave Acosta to tell a cyberpunk-esque 1980s cinematic-style story about Muhammad Cho, a freelance Terrorfighter who lives in a dystopian place called Blue City. The story is allegedly inspired by War on Terror era history and propaganda, but with a horror twist. In Blue City, terrors can appear as their target’s worst fears. 

Creative team Ahmed and Acosta have worked together on comics in the past, most recently on “Dragon about a Muslim warrior and a Christian nun who must overcome mutual distrust to fight Dracula. “Dragon” was successfully crowdfunded in 2020 with a volume sent to backers last year. Ahmed is best known for his work with Marvel Comics on series such as “Mile Morales: Spiderman” and “The Magnificent Ms. Marvel.” Acosta is most well known for his horror illustrations in the “Elvira” series on the Dynamite imprint. 

“Terrorwar” issue 1 is also being printed with alternate cover art by Daniel Warren Johnson, artist behind the indie smash “Do a Powerbomb.” 

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