Hear It Now: Adnan Syed’s Conviction Overturned

Hear It Now: Adnan Syed’s Conviction Overturned

Adnan Syed is out of prison after 23 years behind bars. And now many podcasts—including Serial—are updating their feed to give listeners the latest on his case.

Podcast enthusiasts will recall that Syed was the star of the true crime podcast “Serial,” which broke records during its release in 2014. The series investigated the murder of Hae Min Lee and Syed’s subsequent trial and conviction for the murder.

By some estimates, the podcast was downloaded more than 300 million times and led to copycat podcasts (both individual episodes and series) that tracked the case and its updates.

The latest update on the case is a big one: Syed was released from prison on Monday after a Baltimore judge overturned the case citing potentially exonerating evidence in the possession of prosecutorswhich had never been handed over to Syed’s defense team. Prosecutors now have 30 days to decide if they want to retry Syed, something that seems unlikely.

Below are some of the podcasts—including Serial—to listen to to get the latest news about the case.

“Serial”: Season 1, Episode 13

“CrimeLines”: The Motion to Vacate in the case of Adnan Syed (Bonus)

Shaken and Disturbed”:  Adnan Syed Released from Prison 

“What If I Told You”: BONUS: Adnan Syed

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