Hasan Minhaj Joins All-Star Cast of “It Ends With Us” Film Adaptation

Hasan Minhaj Joins All-Star Cast of “It Ends With Us” Film Adaptation

Hasan Minhaj, comedian and actor, is set to star opposite Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni in the film adaptation of “It Ends With Us,” the bestselling romance novel by Colleen Hoover. Baldoni is directing, and Lively and Hoover will be executive producers.

“It Ends With Us” follows Lily Bloom (Lively), who meets neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid (Baldoni), and they begin a turbulent relationship. Bloom also reconnects with her first love Atlas Corrigan (played by Brandon Sklenar), putting her relationship with Ryle in jeopardy. Minhaj plays Marshall, a tech entrepreneur and Ryle’s best friend. 

Minhaj is best known for his work in comedy, including his two Netflix comedy specials (“Homecoming King” and “The King’s Jester”) and his time as a correspondent on “The Daily Show.” His acting credits include Duffer in “The Spy Who Dumped Me” (2018) and Doug in the upcoming “No Hard Feelings” (2023).

The film adaptation is being produced by Wayfarer Studios, Baldoni’s production company, and filming has begun. There is no release date announced yet.

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