Hasan Minhaj and Waze Partner to Guide Users Through Traffic

Hasan Minhaj and Waze Partner to Guide Users Through Traffic

Comedian Hasan Minhaj has partnered with Waze, Google’s community-driven traffic and navigation app. Minhaj is their newest personal navigator, entertaining users who select his voice with commentary, jokes and insights on driving. Waze has also launched new digital icons that will appear on the map, including a “suburban dad” minivan, reflecting Minhaj’s status as a father, and a Minhaj-inspired Mood icon, which is how drivers appear on the map.

Waze has introduced several celebrity voice packages in recent years, including stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Neil Patrick Harris, Morgan Freeman, Christina Aguilera and the Jonas Brothers.

Minhaj expressed his excitement about the partnership in a statement: “I’m excited to be partnering with Waze as your personal navigator in my new driving experience. The car is where I come up with some of my best content — from jokes about traffic stalls to my experience with the dreaded ‘Check Engine’ light. I think everyone can relate to the absurdities of driving and I love the opportunity to bring some humor to everyone on the roads.”

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