<strong>Got New Year's Resolutions? Here’s a list of Podcasts and Books that Will Get You Started On the Right Foot</strong>

<strong>Got New Year's Resolutions? Here’s a list of Podcasts and Books that Will Get You Started On the Right Foot</strong>

Listen: “Flip The Switch” hosted by Wajeeh West

Description from Apple Podcasts:

Welcome to Flip The Switch!! A podcast for students and professionals learning how to take their work ethic to the next level! Get started by listening to Ep1 – an introduction into my life, my challenges, and my route into becoming a Law Student at a T14 school. Upon rejections after rejections for undergrad, grad school, internships… YOU NAME IT… I finally realized what it takes to succeed and reach your goal. The concept of Flip The Switch. It is not easy, nor will it be pleasant, but join me in unpacking the secrets of success and the little things you need to do to change your life.

Topic: Education, Professional Development

Read: “Show Up: A Motivational Message for Muslim Women” by Na’ima B Robert (2020)

Description from author’s portfolio:

“Show Up: A Motivational Message for Muslim Women” is based on the lessons Na’ima learned on her journey, inviting the reader to show up, authentically and sincerely, in their lives, casting aside the role of victim and instead, living as the hero of their own life story.

Topic: Motivational, Spirituality

Read: “The Law of Attraction and Islam: And Guide for Positive Change” by Binimad Al-Ateeqi (2018)

Description from Good Reads:

“Al-Ateeqi’s book is refreshingly original” – Kirkus Review

The connection-or separation-of mind and body has long been a contentious subject of study by scientists, psychologists, and philosophers. In The Law of Attraction and Islam, Al-Ateeqi examines the law of attraction and the role of external forces in shaping one’s behavior. He points out the psychological mechanisms by which the media, for example, has been trying to influence our thinking, in the process giving us the same means by which to wrestle back control of our own minds and, ultimately, of our lives. He provides a way to affect positive change in our lives with minimal physical and mental strain. 

Topic: Mental Health, Wellness

Listen: “The Mindful Muslim Podcast” hosted by Dr. al-Areefi

Description from Apple Podcasts:

The Mindful Muslim Podcast is a podcast where members from Inspirited Minds have conversations with guests with personal experiences of mental health struggles as well as professionals working within the field. Discussions involve sharing stories, reflections, advice and inspiration!

Topic: Mental Health, Spirituality

Listen: “IslamicFinanceGuru Podcasts” hosted by Dr. al-Areefi

Description from Apple Podcasts:

The Islamic Finance Guru Podcasts are a series of podcasts aimed at bringing money matters to the forefront of the Muslim community. We’ve got something for everyone, from our popular Millionaire Muslim podcast where we discuss halal investments, personal finance and entrepreneurship! We also give you a spiritual kick with regular business/finance-focused Qur’an tafseer sessions! Or hear the IFG team discuss current affairs in our fortnightly news round-up!

Topic: Religion, Education, Finances

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