Five Questions for Saadia Khan of “Immigrantly”

Five Questions for Saadia Khan of “Immigrantly”

I started “Immigrantly” as a safe space to tell honest, unadulterated, introspective, messy stories for and by people from diverse backgrounds.  

– Saadia Khan

Whether it’s intersectionality, elections, sexuality, or love across boundaries, no topic is off topic for Saadia Khan, host of the “Immigrantly” podcast. The show, a weekly independent podcast, aims to “deconstruct stereotypical narratives of immigrants, their second-generation kids, people of color, and change-makers with cross-cultural, nuanced conversations.”

Saadia is a Pakistani American immigrant, human rights activist and social entrepreneur. She started “Immigrantly” in 2018 to bring more awareness to stories of immigrants and people of color. The show will celebrate its 200th episode later this year. 

Below is an interview we conducted with Saadia.

Fann Staff: Tell me why you wanted to start Immigrantly.

Saadia Khan: As a Muslim Pakistani American immigrant & rights activist, living in the US for 20 plus years, I realized that the mainstream media was not adequately catering to the needs of immigrant communities. The dialogue around immigrant identity was limited to either policy debate or political discourse. There was a shapeless void that people of color needed to claim. So, I started “Immigrantly” as a safe space to tell honest, unadulterated, introspective, messy stories for and by people from diverse backgrounds.  

Fann Staff: How has the show evolved since it was launched?

Saadia Khan: Created in Oct. 2018, our podcast, blog, and social media posts are dedicated to transforming today’s narrow, one-dimensional information economy and moving us towards a more equitable, diverse country. A passion project has become a credible national news source and an effective way to normalize race, culture, and identity dialogue. We empower listeners to be intentional consumers of information who think critically about different issues.

Fann Staff: Why is “Immigrantly” important? What will listeners get out of it?

Saadia Khan: Immigrantly opens the minds of people who may not know a person of color or an immigrant personally through a combination of storytelling and interviews that provide engaging, immersive content. Our well-researched, narrative episodes take a deep dive into topics often overlooked by mainstream media and Western educational curricula. Our interview-driven episodes offer complex and challenging conversations with guests from all walks of immigrant life. Primary audio sources and original music enhance our episodes, which are recorded in a professional sound studio. 

Podcasting allows listeners to engage in their own time and based on their personal journey with a welcoming, judgment-free space that provides an opportunity to hear answers to tough questions, face unpleasant conversations with humor and empathy, and engage with others in virtual community spaces on topics that are normally taboo in “polite” conversation.

Fann Staff: What has been your favorite moment or episode so far?

Saadia Khan: It’s difficult to pick one episode so here are some of my favorite conversations:

Fann Staff: Any podcast recommendations?

Saadia Khan:

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