Five Palestinian-Owned Small Businesses to Shop At

Fann highlights five Palestinian-owned business to shop from this Cyber Monday.

Five Palestinian-Owned Small Businesses to Shop At
There are many small businesses owned by Palestinians and those in the diaspora. We've spotlighted five that focus on arts and culture.

In the vibrant tapestry of Palestinian culture, small businesses stand as resilient threads weaving together stories of heritage and perseverance. From Ramallah to Gaza to Bethlehem and beyond, Palestinian-owned businesses — as well as those in the diaspora — play a crucial role in shaping the narrative of their communities. This Cyber Monday, consider shopping from one of the Palestinian-owned businesses highlighted below.

  1. Inaash Tatreez

Inaash employs Palestinian women artisans in refugee camps to craft high quality, hand-made traditional embroideries. The company is dedicated to improving the lives of women in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon. Inaash respects the art of embroidery as the living heritage of Palestine, often passed down from mother to daughter over many generations. The company aims to both conserve Palestinian embroidery and promote its beauty while keeping it relevant in today’s world. Since its inception in 1969, Inaash has impacted the lives of over 2,500 women refugees by providing them with training, income and early education for their children. It currently supports over 350 women in five camps.

  1. Levantinian

Levantinian is an online boutique and Instagram community. Getting its name from the historic Levant Area — known today as Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon — Levantinian combines founder Dena Musfer’s love for art, inspirational quotes and custom-made apparels to provide its audience with special gifts that are otherwise unavailable in the average store. Through its brand, Levantinian aims to allow its customers to express their own uniqueness. 

As an entrepreneur and painter, Musfer says she founded Levantinian to provide a sense of home through her creations, reflecting her love for painting, inspiration and self-development.

  1. Interlink Publishing

Interlink Publishing is a Massachusetts-based independent publishing house that offers a “global, cosmopolitan perspective.” As a publisher, Interlink focuses on works of literature, history, contemporary politics, art, cultural guides, international cuisine and illustrated children’s books from around the world. Established in 1987, the publisher is made up of three imprints — Interlink Books, Olive Branch Press and Crocodile Books — and publishes roughly 50 titles per year, with an extensive backlist of over one thousand titles. 

Interlink Books publishes a general trade list of adult fiction and non-fiction with an emphasis on books that have a wide appeal while also meeting high intellectual and literary standards. Olive Branch Press publishes socially and politically relevant non-fiction, concentrating on topics and areas of the world often ignored by the Western media. And last but not least, Crocodile Books publishes high-quality illustrated children’s books from around the world. 

  1. Watan

Watan is a Palestine-inspired arts shop based in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Founded in January 2015, Watan aims to create an additional space for Palestinians to learn about and explore their cultural and intellectual heritage.

Watan originated from its founders’ frustration with learning about one's history through a foreign perspective, particularly as a Palestinian living in the U.S. The brand initially aimed to connect individuals with their Palestinian heritage through an online platform and artistic expressions, but over time, Watan's focus has expanded to building and gathering resources for communities, aspiring to create a distinct Palestinian institution. The project includes a studio storefront for workshops and lectures; its success led to an expanded studio in Amman. Watan's overarching goal is to foster a sense of belonging away from home and actively contribute to collective liberation. Their brand promotes love, healing and empathy within the Palestinian diaspora community.

  1. Nöl Collective

Nöl Collective is a conscious fashion brand that treats its apparel as pieces of art. Based in Palestine, Nöl partners directly with local women's cooperatives, family-run sewing workshops and artisans to keep their production local. 

Nöl’s work incorporates traditional techniques rooted in the region's history and storytelling, particularly in crafts like tatreez and weaving, symbolizing a legacy of political struggle and resistance. Nöl uses Majdalawi fabric — a 100% cotton material integral to traditional Palestinian dress — handwoven in one of the last remaining artisan studios in Palestine. The fabric originated in the demolished town of Al-Majdal in Gaza. Nöl’s designs draw inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Palestine and the Levant, celebrating intentionally crafted garments with a legacy of slow production.

“Art is political,” and Nöl says, “[and] thus, fashion is political. It gives way to a global interconnectedness as well as situations that are often of asymmetrical power and exchange.” Nöl hopes that their garments read like visual manuscripts, humanizing and narrating the collective labor of love behind a garment and the triumph of creativity and heritage in the face of struggle.

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