Five Female Muslim Artists to Brighten Up Your IG Feed

Five Female Muslim Artists to Brighten Up Your IG Feed

The social media landscape has forever changed the way we consume art. From graphic design to oil painting to sculpture, Instagram has created a more accessible way for artists of all backgrounds and disciplines to share their work with a broader audience. Follow these five female Muslim artists who use the app to share their work with the world.

1. Eliza Karazah, aka Kween Karaza

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Description from Vogue Magazine’s Oct. 2022 feature on Kween Karaza:

“The artist, of Irish and Levantine origin, is renowned for her terracotta vases, embroidered carpets and ceramics, all decorated with hand-painted Arabic calligraphy. Instagram, says Karazah, has been instrumental in building brand awareness, generating hype and helping her posts go viral. ‘I was an art teacher before switching to full-time creator,’ she reveals. ‘It was either post online, or subject my students to my little doodles forever.’”

2. Shirien Damra

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Description from Elle Magazine’s May 2020 feature on Shirien Damra:

“Art was one of Damra’s first loves, but for a while, she left it alone. As the daughter of Palestinian Muslim immigrants who come from a refugee family, she was acutely aware of racism growing up. … Since starting her Instagram, Damra has posted art in support of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, art in solidarity with people in Sudan, art to celebrate International Women’s Day and frontline workers. But it’s her portraits that have drawn the eyes of politicians, activists, and influencers.”

3. Huda Fahmy

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Description from Penguin Random House:

“Huda Fahmy grew up in Dearborn, Michigan, and has loved comics since she was a kid. She attended the University of Michigan where she majored in English. She taught English to middle and high schoolers for eight years before she started writing about her experiences as a visibly Muslim woman in America and was encouraged by her older sister to turn these stories into comics. Huda, her husband Gehad, and their children reside in Houston, Texas.”

4. Hajer Deyaf

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Description from Hajar Deyaf’s portfolio:

“The beginnings of my work tailored to cultural awareness and reconnecting back to my Libyan roots. There was a lacking of representation that I craved from the Fine Arts world so I take iconic imagery of the classical  era and apply it to my work with my culture and religion at the forefront.”

5. Morehshin Allahyari

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A post shared by Morehshin Allahyari -موره شین (@morehshin)

Description from Morehshin Allahyari’s portfolio:

“Morehshin Allahyari (Persian: موره شین اللهیاری‎), is a NY based Iranian-Kurdish artist using 3D simulation, video, sculpture, and digital fabrication as tools to re-figure myth and history. Through archival practices and storytelling, her work weaves together complex counternarratives in opposition to the lasting influence of Western technological colonialism in the context of SWANA (Southwest Asia and North Africa).”

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