Everything We Know About “Evil” Season 4 With Aasif Mandvi

"Evil" is a supernatural drama television series known for its blend of horror, mystery and psychological elements. The series follows a forensic psychologist who teams up with a Catholic priest-in-training and a technology contractor to investigate a variety of mysterious and unexplained phenomena.

Actor Aasif Mandvi in character as Ben Shakir. Katja Herbers and Mike Colter have their backs to the camera.
Muslim American actor Aasif Mandvi stars in "Evil" as Ben Shakir opposite Katja Herbers and Mike Colter.

“Evil” (2019 – ) is certainly one of the creepiest shows on television right now. Jam-packed with persistent demons, haunted tech and unsettling possessions — the show manages to make a haunted toilet frightening — “Evil” is unwavering in its commitment to delve into the darkest recesses of the human psyche. The show has managed to find acclaim with critics and fans alike. Now that it’s been over a year since the show’s third season premiered in June 2022, the show’s fanbase is wondering what’s next. Here’s everything we know so far about “Evil” Season 4.

What is “Evil” about?

"Evil" is a supernatural drama television series created by Robert and Michelle King, the husband-and-wife showrunning duo behind "The Good Wife" (2009 – 2016). The show premiered on CBS in 2019 and later moved to Paramount+ for subsequent seasons. It's known for its blend of horror, mystery and psychological elements.

The series follows a forensic psychologist, Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers), who teams up with Catholic priest-in-training David Acosta (Mike Colter) and technology contractor Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi). Together, they investigate a variety of mysterious and unexplained phenomena, including alleged miracles, demonic possessions and other supernatural events. Their goal is to determine whether these occurrences have scientific explanations or if they are genuinely supernatural.

"Evil" delves into themes of faith, skepticism and the blurred lines between the rational and the supernatural. It also explores the impact of modern technology and social media on belief systems. Over its seasons, the show has gained critical acclaim for its thought-provoking storytelling and ability to combine elements of horror with philosophical themes.

The series has a dedicated fan base and has been praised for its complex characters and intriguing narrative twists. It's often regarded as one of the more unique and thought-provoking shows in the supernatural and horror genre.

Has “Evil” been renewed?

Paramount+ officially picked up “Evil” for a fourth season back in July 2022. The pickup happened before the show’s third season had finished airing.

The renewal is not surprising; since its move to Paramount+, “Evil” has been one of the platform’s best-performing shows. "'Evil' continues to expand its fanbase of both critics and viewers alike; season three currently has a 100 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and it is a consistent top five most-watched original series and acquisition driver for the service," Nicole Clemens, president of Paramount+ original scripted series, told Deadline. "We couldn't be more excited to be terrified by what Robert and Michelle create for season four with our outstanding cast bringing it to life."

With numbers like that, Paramount+ is not likely to drop “Evil” any time soon. Season 4 is definitely happening, it’s just a matter of when to anticipate it on the platform.

When will “Evil” Season 4 release?

Production on the fourth season of “Evil” began in Dec. 2022 and concluded in May 2023 ahead of schedule. However, the production conclusion doesn’t necessarily mean everything went as planned — a large part of the production conclusion was due to the recent SAG-AFTRA and Writers Guild of America strikes. Additionally, according to Variety, one of the cast members had to take a leave of absence due to a personal family matter. The season was renewed for 10 episodes, but given the way its production concluded, it remains unclear if those plans will remain.

While the writers’ strike has ended, the actors of SAG-AFTRA are still on strike, which will likely have some impact on the fourth season’s release date.

Given the circumstances, “Evil” Season 4 will likely come out in 2024 at the earliest. No release date has been announced as of yet.

Who will star in Season 4 of “Evil?”

“Evil” will continue to its fourth season with its main trio of investigators — Herbers as the skeptical psychologist and reformed Catholic Kristen Bouchard, Colter as the freshly ordained David Acosta, Mandvi as the Muslim-turned-atheist tech expert Ben Shakir. The chemistry between the three leads is so crucial to the show’s success that it is impossible to imagine a Season 4 without any of them.

Also rejoining the cast is Michael Emerson as the endlessly hateable antagonist Leland Townsend, a role which earned him a nomination for a Critics Choice Award. Another villainous returner is Christine Lahti as Kristen’s morally gray mother, Sheryl. Kurt Fuller is also likely to continue his role as the oblivious-at-best, dangerous-at-worst therapist Dr. Kurt Boggs.

Following the death of Monsignor Matthew (Boris McGiver) in the Season 3 finale, Wallace Shawn’s Father Frank will take over as the church official in charge of assigning cases to Kristen, David and Ben. Andrea Martin will return as the eponymous demon-fighting Sister Andrea.

On the family front, it’s expected we’ll see the full Bouchard family again. Kristen’s husband Andy, played by Patrick Brammall, is still brainwashed and more pertinent to the plot than ever before. And the show is nothing without Kristen’s gaggle of boisterous daughters played by Brooklyn Shuck, Skylar Gray, Maddy Crocco and Dalya Knapp. Finally, it’s extremely likely to see the return of Ben’s sister Karima, played by Sohina Sidhu. Karima played a large role in Ben’s story last season, whether it was helping him when he was technologically stumped or encouraging him to allow space for the faith they were raised in.

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What will be the plot of “Evil” Season 4? 

In a preview for "Evil" Season 4, showrunners Robert and Michelle King revealed that the new season picks up immediately after the dramatic events of the Season 3 finale. Kristen Bouchard has just learned that her nemesis, Leland Townsend, has obtained her missing egg and implanted it in a surrogate with the intention of birthing the antichrist.

The creators showrunners Leland's journey into parenthood as both horrifying and hilarious, as they explore the challenges of raising a potentially demonic child. They aim to bring a more normal and relatable approach to supernatural themes, highlighting the chaos and messiness of everyday life. “Babies are nightmare enough,” Robert King joked. “You don't need lightning and thunder and all that. Babies vomit on their own! They don't need to have the devil inside them to be vomiting pea soup!"

The season will also focus on Kristen's complicated home life, with her husband Andy still brainwashed and her mother Sheryl having ties to Leland. Kristen's daughters are navigating young adulthood, with the eldest considering becoming a nun.

In terms of the cases that Kristen, David and Ben investigate, they’re expected to face various demonic infestations and supposed miracles, with Wallace Shawn's Father Frank taking on the role of assigning their cases. Science is a major theme this season, with episodes exploring the limits of science and its intersection with mystery. Ben, as the team’s resident tech expert, will especially find himself grappling with the tension between faith and science — especially when science can sometimes raise more questions than answers.  

The creators promise a variety of demons in season 4, created by special character designer Joel Harlow, ranging from small, Gremlin-like puppets to actors in elaborate prosthetic makeup. These creatures are practical effects, not digital, and add to the show's unique and eerie atmosphere.

Overall, "Evil" Season 4 will continue to blend horror, humor, and the supernatural, offering both entertaining and thought-provoking storytelling.

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How will Season 4 of “Evil” focus on Ben Shakir?

In addition to the science-focused storylines proposed by the Kings, Mandvi has gone on record saying that he hopes that Season 4 will delve deeper into Ben's backstory. Despite his role as a skeptic in their investigations, Ben has a complex background as an atheist who was raised as a Muslim but has distanced himself from his family's religious teachings (incidentally, he is also portrayed by a Muslim American actor).

The series has touched on elements of Ben's background in previous episodes, revealing moments where he comes close to believing but also appreciates the traditions of faith. In an interview with ScreenRant in 2022, Mandvi expressed his desire for season 4 to explore Ben's history more thoroughly. He noted that the show has set up aspects of Ben's background without fully delving into them. Mandvi also mentioned that some fans have expressed a desire to see more interaction and connection between the main characters — Kristen, David and Ben — as their storylines often remain separate. Combining these storylines could highlight the chemistry between the leads and provide closure to ongoing narratives.

"Evil" has been praised for its portrayal of Ben as a secular Muslim character who, for better or worse, isn’t defined by his connection to the faith. The character has a range of characteristics aside from his upbringing and is portrayed humorously by Mandvi. There is potential for the season to explore Ben's relationship with his sister Karima, who is a practicing Muslim, and their dynamic as a separate storyline.

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