Dua Lipa Does Her Own Stunts in Spy Thriller ”Argylle”

Lipa plays the role of LaGrange, a femme fatale character who is introduced in the film's opening scene.

Dua Lipa Does Her Own Stunts in Spy Thriller ”Argylle”
Dua Lipa's femme fatale LaGrange (left) tries her best to wrap Henry Cavill's Argylle (right) around her finger. Photo source: Apple TV

Dua Lipa, usually known for topping charts and dominating the music scene, is one of the stars of Matthew Vaughn’s new spy thriller “Argylle” (2024). After previously making a cameo in “Barbie” (2023), “Argylle” is Lipa’s first major film role.

Lipa plays the role of LaGrange, a character who is introduced in the film's opening scene. The plot unfolds as she flirts, banters and dances with Argylle (Henry Cavill) in an upscale bar. Sporting a chic blonde bob, her character is dripping in Bond girl chic, captivating audiences and Agent Argylle alike.

Despite her initially charming appearance, LaGrange is revealed to be a villain when she cunningly seizes Argylle's gun and attempts to kill him. While's Lipa's screen time is brief at a brisk 15 minutes, her character plays a pivotal role in the narrative, transcending the typical bounds of a cameo appearance.

Reflecting on her experience working on "Argylle," Dua Lipa expressed her enthusiasm for the project. She shares, "I just had the best time on set; it was amazing, and working with Henry [Cavill] was amazing." Notably, the singer took on the challenge of performing her own stunts, showcasing her commitment to the role. Even when the suggestion of a stunt double arose, Lipa insisted, "No, I really want to do it."

"Argylle" follows the story of an author whose fictional tales unexpectedly mirror the activities of a real-life spy organization, thrusting her into a world rife with danger and espionage. Shortly after Lipa’s character is pulled out of an action sequence by John Cena, it’s revealed that the sequence is actually a scene from a best-selling novel by introverted author Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard). The film follows Elly who, while on vacation with her cat to treat her writer’s block, ends up entangled in an espionage mystery that is eerily similar to those she has been penning. With the help of a real spy (Sam Rockwell), Elly realizes she is a target for a rogue espionage group after her novels have predicted real spy missions with too much accuracy.

The star-studded cast also includes Bryan Cranston, Ariana DeBose, Catherine O’Hara and Samuel L. Jackson. “Argylle” is expected to be the first in a franchise.

As "Argylle" debuts in both cinemas and Apple TV+, fans of Lipa and spy comedies alike are in for a treat. Despite her short amount of screen time, Lipa’s infectiously fun portrayal of LaGrange showcases her seamless transition to the silver screen.

To discover the outcome of LaGrange's confrontation with Agent Argylle, catch “Argylle” out now in theaters and available on Apple TV+.

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