Coming Soon: “Post-Term” Explores the 90s Pakistani American Immigrant Experience

Coming Soon: “Post-Term” Explores the 90s Pakistani American Immigrant Experience

“Post-Term,” a short film written and directed by 2022 Pillars Artist Fellowship finalist Saleem Naseer Gondal, will be released in 2023. Its story is centered around Aroz, a Pakistani immigrant doctor living in 1992 Long Island with her husband and navigating a post-term pregnancy. The film follows Aroz as, in the words of Gondal, “she is pushed to confront the expectations of her new life.” “Post-Term” stars Nikhaar Kishnani as Aroz, Sanjana Shuklah as Rahimah, Shezi Sardar as Haaris, and Shahjehan Khan as Bamdad. 

POST TERM (Short Film) dir. Saleem Nasir Gondal Teaser 1 from Gondala Films on Vimeo.

“Post-Term” is Gondal’s third short film set to release this year, along with his action film “Double Dancer” (2022) and drama film “Heirlooms” (2022). He is also the writer and director of Super Sonic (2019), which was a 2019 Chicago South Asian Film Festival Official selection. Gondal, who is  based in New York, delves into the complexities of relationships we have with others but also in the intricate relationships we have with ourselves in his work. 

In July, “Post-Term” was recognized by the National Board of Review as a student grant winner. 

Stay up to date with the “Post-Term” release and Gondal’s other projects by visiting his website below.

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