Coming Soon: Aisha Abdel Gawad’s Ramadan Coming-of-Age Story "Between Two Moons"

Coming Soon: Aisha Abdel Gawad’s Ramadan Coming-of-Age Story "Between Two Moons"

Aisha Abdel Gawad’s coming-of-age novel, published by Doubleday Books, will be out on June 6. Set in Brooklyn, the story follows three Arab American siblings during a single Ramadan spent together as a family. 

Publishers Weekly gave the book a starred review, calling it “a winner.”:

“The author does a knockout job developing the characters, and is especially convincing in conveying Amira’s conflicted feelings about Sami’s return and sketching the contours of the close-knit neighborhood.”

This is Gawad’s debut novel. Currently working as both a high school teacher and a writer, she won a 2015 Pushcart Prize for her short story “Waking Luna” and she recently published an article in Bon Appétit about the politics of food in her Egyptian family.

Description from Penguin Random House: “It’s the holy month of Ramadan, and twin sisters Amira and Lina are about to graduate high school in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. On the precipice of adulthood, they plan to embark on a summer of teenage revelry, trying on new identities and testing the limits of what they can get away with while still under their parents’ roof. But the twins’ expectations of a summer of freedom collide with their older brother’s return from prison, whose mysterious behavior threatens to undo the delicate family balance. Meanwhile, outside the family’s apartment, a storm is brewing in Bay Ridge. A raid on a local business sparks a protest that brings the Arab community together, and a senseless act of violence threatens to tear them apart. Everyone’s motives are called into question as an alarming sense of disquiet pervades the neighborhood. With everything spiraling out of control, how will Amira and Lina know who they can trust? A gorgeously written, intimate family story and a polyphonic portrait of life under the specter of Islamophobia, Between Two Moons challenges the reader to interrogate their own assumptions, asking questions of allegiance to faith, family, and community, and what it means to be a young Muslim in America.”

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