Bassam Tariq Backs Out of Blade

Bassam Tariq Backs Out of Blade

Director Bassam Tariq will no longer be working on Marvel’s film “Blade,” The Hollywood Reporter reported on Sept. 27. The project, which is expected to release in Nov. 2023, stars Mahershala Ali as Eric Brooks, also known as Blade, a superhuman vampire hunter. It is based on the comics created by Marv Wolfman. 

The reason for Tariq’s departure has not been specified, though Marvel said in a statement to the Hollywood Reporter that he will continue to work on the project as an executive producer. Tariq himself thanked the Marvel team and expressed his support for the project’s future. 

Tariq is also a producer and screenwriter, and a co-founder of Honest Chops, a popular New York Halal butchery and restaurant. His most recent project, “Mogul Mowgli” stars Riz Ahmed and was released in 2020.

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