Award-Winning Rom-Com “Americanish” Clinches Theatrical Release

The film is a break from the traditional romantic comedy, highlighting different layers of womanhood as they intersect with cultural and societal expectations.

The poster of the rom-com "Americanish." Focally features three American Muslim women in their 20s and 30s.
As an American Muslim rom-com made by American Muslim women, "Americanish" (2021) is the first of its kind.

Earlier this year, Sony Pictures acquired the rights to “Americanish” (2021), the first American Muslim rom-com made by American Muslim women; soon, it will be in theaters near you. 

Directed by Iman Zawahry and written by Aizzah Fatima and Zawahry, “Americanish” follows sisters Sam (Fatima) and Maryam (Salena Qureshi), as well as their cousin Ameera (Shenaz Treasury), as they navigate romance, culture, career, and family in New York City. In the film’s own words, it is “a break from the traditional romantic comedy, [highlighting] different layers of womanhood as they intersect with cultural and societal expectations … ‘Americanish’ delves into the complexity of trying to both honor and break from cultural traditions while balancing personal values and career goals in a society that does not always accommodate both.”

In many ways, the film is breaking new ground for Muslim representation. While speaking with TheWrap, Zawahry said that, “What’s really important about this film is that is shows that American Muslim women are not a monolith; we’re agencies of our own lives. And you don’t see these stories at all … Muslim women to this day are considered to be docile [and] timid, or they’re victims, or they’re hyper-sexualized. They’re never seen as average, normal women that want to be independent, have love and a career … When we see things — communities — we’re able to relate to them. And as we’re relating, especially through comedy, [we're] able to let go [and] learn and take in what’s going on.”

The film has been acclaimed by audiences and critics alike — after winning the Audience Award in its 2021 world premiere at CAAMFest, “Americanish” went on to win more than 20 awards at festivals around the world. The film has been reviewed with accolades such as "[A] confidently comedic, richly intersectional rom-com that celebrates the struggle to find oneself amongst tradition" (Yang Jiang, San Diego Asian Film Festival) and "fresh and funny" (Teresa Vena, Asian Movie Pulse).

“Americanish” will be in select theaters starting Oct. 6, followed by a release on video on demand and streaming on Nov. 14. 

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