Asma Naeem Named New Director of Baltimore Museum of Art

Asma Naeem Named New Director of Baltimore Museum of Art

Asma Naeem has been appointed as the new director of Baltimore Museum of Art (B.M.A). Previously, she served as the Chief Curator of the Museum since 2018, and will now be responsible for the museum’s overall vision, strategy and operations. 

As curator, the Baltimore-raised Naeem aimed to more accurately represent the culture and people of the city, with exhibits such as “The Culture” on the 50-year history of hip-hop. Her strategy to focus on equity and inclusion coincides with the museum’s recent unionization. As of July 2022, the B.M.A is the largest cultural institution in Baltimore with a “wall-to-wall” union covering all employees. 

Naeem’s vision for the museum is to continue to expand the collection while also creating opportunities for underrepresented artists to be showcased. The B.M.A. held a public auction in October of 2020 where they sold some of their collection to fund a $50 million endowment, including $10 million to acquire works by women and artists of color

Naeem holds a bachelor’s degree in art history and political science from the Johns Hopkins University, and a doctoral degree in art history from the University of Maryland. Before working as a curator, she was pursuing a career in law.

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