Artist to Watch: Baseera Khan

Artist to Watch: Baseera Khan

Baseera Khan is a New York-based visual artist who combines performance with sculpture and installation in order to “visualize patterns and repetitions of exile and kinship.” Their best known exhibit, “I Am an Archive,” was presented at the Brooklyn Museum in 2022 as part of the UOVO Prize for an emerging Brooklyn artist. In one of the exhibit’s series, “Law of Antiquities,” Khan designed a set of nitrile gloves usually used to protect art objects, but layered them in varied colors and collaged images of artifacts often displayed in a Museum and not meant to be physically handled. In these juxtapositions, they try to express the negative space between the past and the present. Andrea K. Scott raved in the New Yorker, “the ambitious artist moves through mediums like a snake shedding skins, using performance, sculpture, installation, collage, textile, drawing, and photography.” 

Khan also made a head turning sculpture, showcased outside Meta’s Manhattan office. This piece is made out of a large, hollowed out Corinthian column, the kind one would find on the Capitol building or on a bank, and covered in gorgeous Kashmir-inspired textile patterns. It is meant to be a comment on the Corinthian column as a symbol of imperialist power.

Check out Khan’s Instagram page to stay up-to-date on their current projects.

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