5 Muslim Romances To Watch on Valentine’s Day

Looking for a cozy Muslim-led romance this Valentine’s Day? Curl up with one of these five films or series that are now available on streaming.

5 Muslim Romances To Watch on Valentine’s Day
These romantic comedies and dramas are sure to leave you swoon this Valentine's Day.

Looking for a cozy Muslim-led romance this Valentine’s Day? Curl up with one of these five films or series that are now available on streaming.

  1. “Americanish” (2021)

“Americanish” is the first American Muslim rom-com made by American Muslim women. Directed by Iman Zawahry and co-written by Aizzah Fatima and Zawahry, the film follows career-driven sisters Sam (Fatima) and Maryam (Salena Qureshi), as well as their fish-out-of-water cousin Ameera (Shenaz Treasury), as they navigate romance, culture, career and family in New York City.

In the film’s own words, it is “a break from the traditional romantic comedy, [highlighting] different layers of womanhood as they intersect with cultural and societal expectations … ‘Americanish’ delves into the complexity of trying to both honor and break from cultural traditions while balancing personal values and career goals in a society that does not always accommodate both.”

“Americanish” is available anywhere you rent or buy movies

  1. “Breaking Fast” (2020)

"Breaking Fast" is a romantic comedy film directed by Mike Mosallam that has gained attention for its representation of queer Muslim characters. The film follows the story of Mo (Haaz Sleiman), a practicing Muslim, who is navigating life during Ramadan after a recent breakup. Throughout the month, he meets Kal (Michael Cassidy), a charming and openly gay man, and they develop a connection. Soon enough, Mo finds himself balancing his faith and his familial expectations with his feelings for Kal.

"Breaking Fast" received positive reviews for its heartfelt storytelling, engaging characters, and its exploration of cultural and religious themes. It's notable for its portrayal of a Muslim protagonist who is also gay, which is still relatively rare in mainstream cinema. The film received praise for its authentic representation and its ability to blend humor with more serious themes. Fann sat down with Mosallam last year to discuss his filmmaking career.

“Breaking Fast” is available on Tubi.

  1. “Crashing Eid” (2023–)

“Crashing Eid” is a romantic drama-comedy by Nora Aboushousha and Ali Alattas that follows a couple’s struggle for acceptance. The series follows Razan (Summer Shesha), who brings her British Pakistani fiancé Sameer (Hamza Haq) home with her to crash her Saudi family’s Eid celebrations. The couple, along with Razan’s daughter from her first marriage Lamar (Bateel Nabeel), must convince their families that they are a suitable match.

“Crashing Eid” is available on Netflix.

  1. “Ali’s Wedding” (2017)

"Ali's Wedding" is an Australian romantic comedy-drama film directed by Jeffrey Walker and written by Osamah Sami and Andrew Knight. The film is loosely based on the life experiences of Sami, who also stars in the lead role.

The story revolves around Ali (Sami), a young Muslim man living in Melbourne, Australia, who faces the pressure of living up to his family's expectations while struggling to pursue his own dreams. Ali is the son of a respected Iraqi Shia cleric (Don Hany) and is expected to follow in his father's footsteps. However, his true passion lies in music, and he secretly dreams of becoming a professional musician.

And while Ali wants to be with the woman he loves (Helana Sawires), a misunderstanding leaves him engaged to a woman (Maha Wilson) from his father’s mosque who he barely knows,. As Ali struggles to navigate his responsibilities to his family and his own desires, his white lies begin to spiral out of control.

"Ali's Wedding" is available on Netflix.

  1. “Wedding Agreement” (2022–)

"Wedding Agreement: The Series" is a romantic drama television series adapted from the 2019 film of the same name, which itself is based on the romance book by Mia Chuz. The show revolves around a love triangle between Tari (Indah Permatasari), Bian (Refal Hady) and Sarah (Susan Sameh). Bian loves Sarah but is pressured by his parents to marry Tari instead. Despite agreeing to the arranged marriage, Bian continues his relationship with Sarah. On their wedding night, Bian shocks Tari by presenting her with an agreement stipulating their marriage will end in a year so he can marry Sarah. Tari, hurt but determined to honor their marriage, tries to win Bian's love.

“Wedding Agreement: The Series” is available on Hulu.

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