5 Books By Black Muslim Women to Read During Black History Month

5 Books By Black Muslim Women to Read During Black History Month

In celebration of Black History Month, we’re highlighting five must-read books written by Black Muslim women authors. These books span across different genres and center on Black culture, self-acceptance, and spirituality. Read on!

“Muslim Cool” by Su’ad Abdul Khabeer (2016)

Description from NYU Press:

“This groundbreaking study of race, religion and popular culture in the 21st century United States focuses on a new concept, “Muslim Cool.” Muslim Cool is a way of being an American Muslim—displayed in ideas, dress, social activism in the ‘hood, and in complex relationships to state power. Constructed through hip hop and the performance of Blackness, Muslim Cool is a way of engaging with the Black American experience by both Black and non-Black young Muslims that challenges racist norms in the U.S. as well as dominant ethnic and religious structures within American Muslim communities.”

Genre: Nonfiction 

Topics: Islam in America, Blackness, Hip Hop

2. “Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim” by Leah Vernon (2019)

Description from Vernon’s portfolio:

“A searingly honest memoir of one young woman’s journey toward self-acceptance as she comes to see her body as a symbol of rebellion and hope and chooses to live her life unapologetically. In Unashamed, Vernon takes to task the myth of the perfect Muslim woman with frank dispatches on her love-hate relationship with her hijab and her faith, race, weight, mental illness, domestic violence, sexuality, the millennial world of dating, and the process of finding her voice.”

Genre: Memoir

Topics: Body Positivity, Spirituality, Self-discovery

3. “You Truly Assumed” by Laila Sabreen (2022)

Description from HarperCollins:

“In this compelling and thought-provoking debut novel, after a terrorist attack rocks the country and anti-Islamic sentiment stirs, three Black Muslim girls create a space where they can shatter assumptions and share truths.”

Genre: Fiction 

Topics: Diversity & Multicultural, Friendship, Self-esteem

4. “Bashirah and The Amazing Bean Pie: A Celebration of African American Muslim Culture” by Ameenah Muhammad-Diggins (2018)

Description from Createspace Independent Publishing Platform:

“Invite your children to enjoy the rich and beautiful culture of African American Muslims. Bashirah and The Amazing Bean Pie shares a fantastic story of a multigenerational African American Muslim family. A Ramadan and Eid story. A heartwarming tale filled with faith, food and family. Join Bashirah as she celebrates the Eid holiday!”

Genre: Picture book

Topics: Celebration, Spirituality, Cultural Identity

5. “Muhiima’s Quest” by Rahma Rodaah (2017)

Description from Rodaah’s portfolio:

“Muhiima’s Quest is a story of self-discovery and a celebration of diversity with the message that our heritage and faith are what make us unique and special.”

Genre: Picture book

Topics: Diversity, Heritage, Faith

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